Watershed Management Authority

Board Members

The governing body of the Authority shall be the Board. Directors of the Board shall be divided among the political subdivisions comprising the Authority and shall be appointed by the respective political subdivision’s elected legislative body. Based upon Watershed demographics (area, population, and value) the Directors of the Board shall be appointed in the following manner:

1. The City of Dubuque: 3 Directors

2. Dubuque County: 2 Directors

3. The City of Asbury: 1 Director

4. The City of Peosta: 1 Director

5. The City of Centralia: 1 Director

6. Dubuque Soil and Water Conservation District: 1 Director

The Directors shall serve staggered terms of four years. The initial Board shall determine, by lot, the initial terms to be shortened and lengthened, as necessary, to achieve staggered terms. A person appointed to fill a vacancy shall be appointed in the same manner as the original appointment for the duration of the unexpired term. A Director is eligible for reappointment.

Staff and Administration

Administration of the Authority will be co-coordinated by the Dubuque Soil and Water Conservation District’s Urban Conservationist and a member of the City of Dubuque’s Engineering staff as appointed by the City Manager until the Board determines under Section __ that another method is more appropriate or viable.

Acting Administrators:

Eric Schmechel - Urban Conservationist with the Dubuque Soil and Water Conservation District

Dean Mattoon - Engineering Technician with the City of Dubuque

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