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Granger Creek Description

This 9,608 acre watershed is characterized by large amounts of forestland, conservation areas, row crops, and a small amount of industrial land. Flowing north from Dubuque County, this stream enters the City of Dubuque only briefly as it flows through the City’s Technology Park, before continuing on into the Mines of Spain State Park. There, it empties into the Catfish Creek just before it reaches the Mississippi River. 
Granger Creek has a substrate primarily of limestone, making this a beautiful stream to experience up close, as large facets of rock jetty into the stream from the neighboring bluffs. 

Granger Creek Impairments:

Although due to development in past years, causing an increase in runoff and significant bank erosion, it seems the Granger Creek has the least amount of water quality issues. During routine water quality inspections, this section of the Catfish Creek Watershed seems to have the least amounts of Nitrogen and Phosphorous. 
After a water quality study was done in 2009, all five forks of the Catfish Creek are currently being placed on the 303d impaired water bodies list for E-Coli.

Granger Creek

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