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North Fork Description

Starting in the eastern portion of the City of Asbury, the North Fork of the Catfish Creek Watershed is 2,487 acres and is predominantly urban. The stream then flows south and west until it empties into the Middle Fork of Catfish Creek south of Dodge Street near the Brunskill Road area. The upper portion of the basin is almost entirely developed with residential and commercial land uses, while the lower portion is primarily agricultural and forested areas. Several small City parks dot the landscape of this small watershed.

North Fork Impairments:

In the past, due to urban sprawl and the number of homes with illegal sump pump discharges, the North Fork’s sanitary sewer line was very susceptible to overflows into the creek. In 2010, 60% of the creek was realigned and the sewer lines were resized and rebuilt. This project eliminated the overflow discharges that were happening during heavy rainfall events.

After a water quality study was done in 2009, all five forks of the Catfish Creek are currently being placed on the 303d impaired water bodies list for E-Coli.

North Fork

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